Rethinking women's and gender studies, Gender and Education



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McGloin, C. (2013). Rethinking women's and gender studies, Gender and Education. Gender and Education, 25 (2), 240-241.

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Gender and Education


This compilation of scholarly articles examines the (inter)disciplinary field of Women’s and Gender Studies (WGS) looking at the genealogy of WGS, its foundational principles, its language and practices. The work considers the use of language, in particular the way certain terminology within the field invites engagement with the political aims of WGS, or limits its potential for more rigorous pedagogical practices and analytic frameworks. Chapters are organised into five sections: ‘foundational assumptions’, ‘ubiquitous descriptions’, ‘epistemologies rethought’, ‘silences and disavowals’, and ‘establishment challenges’. Within these themes, specific terms (among them ‘feminism’, ‘interdisciplinarity’, ‘pedagogy’, ‘intersectionality’, and ‘community’) are examined for their application within WGS and their possibilities for generating new, broader and more meaningful applications. Deploying terms as overarching themes, the work examines what kinds of knowledge are produced within WGS scholarship, how it is taught, circulated, reproduced, validated, and what relationship WGS has with the increasingly diverse cohort to whom it speaks, and to the academy. While the work is interested in future possibilities for WGS, it considers this with a critical eye on how the discipline continues to develop its knowledge from both within and outside of the academy, from academic theorizing to practical engagement with its subjects/objects of inquiry.

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