Bush Mechanics: Then and Now



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Clarsen, G. (2017). Bush Mechanics: Then and Now. In M. Paul & M. Bolognese (Eds.), Bush mechanics : from Yuendumu to the world (pp. 1-17). Mile End, Australia: Wakefield Press. http://www.wakefieldpress.com.au/product.php?productid=1397&catBush Mechanics: Then and Now=0&page=&featured=Y

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Brake fluid made from laundry powder and water? Welding a broken muffler with jumper leads, fencing wire and a car battery? New brake pads carved from mulga wood with a tomahawk, or an emergency clutch plate shaped out of an old boomerang? How about windscreen wiper blades made from strips of blanket? Such is the car repair advice offered by the heroes of the Bush Mechanics series. Presented with humour, as well as a large dose of self-parody, theirs is mechanical advice like no other. Nyurulypa ('good tricks') is specialised knowledge that has been hard won in the collective experience of a particular kind of mutikar culture.

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