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I. C. Willis 2017 Convicts in the Cowpastures, an untold story Camden History Notes https://camdenhistorynotes.wordpress.com/2017/03/04/convicts-in-the-cowpastures-an-untold-story/

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Camden History Notes


The story of European settlement in the Cowpastures is intimately connected to the story of the convicts and their masters. This story has not been told and there is little understanding of the role of the convicts in the Cowpastures district before 1840. Who were they? What did they do? Did they stay in the district? The convicts that ended up the in Cowpastures district were part of the 160,000 who were transported to the Australian colonies from England, Wales, Ireland and the British colonies. The convicts were a form of forced labour, with a global history that goes back to Roman times. Amongst those who were landed were human souls who were part of the dark story of banishment and exile.