Political developments after the 2011 general election



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Lim, J. (2016). Political developments after the 2011 general election. In T. Lee & K. Y. L. Tan (Eds.), Change in Voting: Singapore's 2015 General Election (pp. 26-44). Singapore: Ethos Books. https://www.ethosbooks.com.sg/products/change-in-voting-singapores-2015-general-election

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The results of the 2011 General Election (GE2011) stunned the nation.1 The political landscape had changed as the PAP suffered a major electoral setback. It won 81 out of the 87 seats at stake, including a walkover in the five-member Tanjong Pagar GRC helmed by Lee Kuan Yew, but it won just 60.1% of the total votes cast, the lowest percentage since Singapore achieved independence in 1965.

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