China, global governance & legal culture



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C. B. Picker, 'China, global governance & legal culture' China and Global Economic Governance: Ideas and Concepts (2011) 69-88.


A study of the relationship between China and Global Governance should consider that relationship from all angles and perspectives. One perspective is through the combined prism of comparative and international law-through a legal cultural analysis of the international law relationships between China and the different parts that constitute "global governance". Indeed, one of the factors that shape the relations of a state with the international legal order is the interaction between that state's legal cultures and the legal cultures of the relevant international legal institutions. To the extent that state's specific legal culture is close to or similar to the legal cultures present in the international legal order then that interaction is unlikely to be noteworthy-at least from a legal cultural perspective. To the extent the state's legal culture diverges from or is opposed to the dominant legal cultures within the international legal order one might then expect those differences to lead to difficulties-ones that will likely serve as obstacles to the smooth interaction between that state and the international legal order one would have expected if the legal culture were similar.

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