The Contribution of E-Government to Primary Industries and Rural Development in Pacific Island States



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T. Aqorau, R. Cullen, A. Mangal & P. Walton, 'The Contribution of E-Government to Primary Industries and Rural Development in Pacific Island States' in R. Cullen & G. Hassall(eds), Achieving Sustainable E-Government in Pacific Island States (2017) 237-268.


This chapter focuses on e-government initiatives in the primary sector. Primary industries (agriculture , forestry , fisheries and mining) make a significant contribution to the economies of Pacific Island countries and information systems in this sector have a major role to play in sustainable development. The chapter highlights the value of regional collaboration , the importance of effective policy and the role of ICT in facilitating collaboration in the primary industries sector. This includes gathering statistics which are critical to planning and some regional initiatives for the management of mineral exploration and resources. Drawing together the work of authors working in the region, it highlights some of the benefits and challenges of applying ICT in this area of e-government and some examples of projects with significant potential for economic development, although some have yet to deliver on this potential and some have made a significant contribution to development in the region. The final example outlines the recent development of a Fisheries Information Management System for the billion-dollar Pacific tuna fishery. The chapter concludes by identifying regional cooperation as a critical factor in the success and sustainability of e-government initiatives in the primary sector in the Pacific Islands region.

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