Managing maritime affairs: The contribution of maritime security forces



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S. Bateman, 'Managing maritime affairs: The contribution of maritime security forces' in J. Bekkevold & G. Till(eds), International Order at Sea: How it is Challenged. How it is Maintained (2016) 261-282.


Developing policies and appropriate arrangements for oceans governance and the management of national maritime affairs is a major challenge for all coastal states. Maritime security is a fundamental requirement, including the capability for maritime surveillance and enforcement of national laws in national maritime zones. Bateman explores the roles of maritime security forces, including their contribution to maintaining international order at sea and the relative advantages of coast guards and navies for undertaking the tasks involved. These tasks are no longer just the prerogative of navies and are increasingly being performed by coast guards. This trend may continue with increased interest in oceans¿ governance and concepts such as the Blue Economy.

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