Geopolitical tales



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M. Klemencic and C. H. Schofield, 'Geopolitical tales' (2012) 8 (3) International Zeitschrift 7-8.

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International Zeitschrift


Starting from this issue International Zeitschrift will publish a dozen articles provided by political geographers hailing from different countries. Political geography, sometimes also known as geopolitics, is just one of many subdisciplines within probably the most diverse of scientific fields, that of geography – a discipline which has been described as encompassing everything between geology and ideology. Geography and political geography in particular has continued to evolve and further diversify over time. However, contrary to many other geographical subdisciplines that have emerged in recent times, the beginnings of political geography can be traced back to the 19th century. This is not to suggest, however, that political geography has stood still as the contributions of political geographers to research on the themes of, for example, multi-scale identity politics in an era of globalisation and through critical social and political theory (critical geopolitics) testify. Consequently, political geographers have not only contributed significantly to developments within geography generally but have also contributed to a better understanding of international relations.

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