Asedio grupal a una estudiante de doctorado: lecciones y responsabilidades



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Martin, B. (2016). Asedio grupal a una estudiante de doctorado: lecciones y responsabilidades. In F. Pena Saint Martin & S. Fernández Marín (Eds.), Mobbing en la academia mexicana (pp. 161-175). Mexico City, Mexico: Ediciones Eón. http://www.edicioneseon.com.mx/psicologia/p09.php

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Ediciones Eón


Doing a PhD can be quite challenging. It is a process of learning how to do research, usually taking several years, with high expectations for the quality of the work. Imagine trying to do a PhD while at the same time being subject to mobbing. That was the experience of my student Judy Wilyman. My aim here is to describe the methods used in attack and defence, including by the student, supervisors and university, with some lessons for others who might be targeted. This case raises issues concerning motives and methods for attack, academic freedom, the responsibility of supervisors and university administrations, and methods of resistance.

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