Nonviolent conflict escalation



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Sorensen, M. J. & Johansen, J. (2016). Nonviolent conflict escalation. Conflict Resolution Quarterly, 34 (1), 83-108.


Escalation of confl ict is frequently deemed undesirable and problematic, as it is often assumed to refer to the escalation of violence. However, there exists a diff erent form of escalation that we call "nonviolent confl ict escalation." Th is occurs when previously unrecognized confl icts are intensifi ed using nonviolent means to a point where the confl ict can no longer be ignored. Five aspects of nonviolent escalations of methods are examined through case studies, showing how diff erent forms of intensifi cation can work together to escalate the confl ict. Nonviolent escalations of unrecognized confl icts can serve as potent tools in struggles against tyranny, injustice, and human rights violations.

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