After the fall: standing in the ruins of liberal education



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Melleuish, G. C. (2012). After the fall: standing in the ruins of liberal education. In L. Boschiero (Eds.), On the Purpose of a University Education (pp. 103-126). Melbourne: Australian Scholarly Publishing.


In Herman Hesse's novel the Glass Bead Game the main protagonist Magister Ludi, Joseph Knecht, is forced to contemplate the reality that all human attempts to capture the eternal in human institutions must ultimately confront the flux and flow of time that is history.! Nothing, not even something as beautiful as the Glass Bead Game, lasts forever. As human beings we attempt to capture something permanent in our institutions and customs, but the cold hard gaze of history tells us that such permanence is an illusion, that the appearance of stability masks a world that is constantly changing.

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