Indonesia'a "Invisible" border with China



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I. Arsana and C. H. Schofield, 'Indonesia'a "Invisible" border with China' in B. A. Elleman, S. Kotkin and C. H. Schofield(ed), Beijing's Power and China's Borders: Twenty Neighbors in Asia (2013) 61-79.


Some uncertainty exists as to whether China actually shares a boundary with Indonesia. Only one of these two states appears to believe that there is a boundary line to draw, hence the, for one side at least, "invisible" character of this maritime border. It is China that has suggested that overlaps exist between the maritime claims of the two states in the southern South China Sea, and that, consequently, a maritime boundary delimitaiton is required. If there is an overlap, it could cover an area of approximately 28,500 mm2 (98,000km2). For its part, although Indonesia officially recognizes ten neighboring states, China is not among them.

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