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I. C. Willis 2016 Being a historical detective Camden History Notes https://camdenhistorynotes.wordpress.com/2016/02/19/being-a-historical-detective/

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Camden History Notes


Steps involved in being a historical detective and conducting an investigation (historical research). Like any good TV detective you should proceed through a number of steps while conducting your investigation (historical research). You will then be able to solve the historical mystery. These steps are: 1. What is a historical detective? 2. What is historical research? 3. What has to be done in historical research? 4. Plan of action 5. What time and resources will be needed to undertake the research (including costs)? 6. Conduct background research. 7. Gather evidence. 8. Evaluate the evidence. 9. Analyse the evidence. 10. Conduct periodic revue of the research process. 11. Present the evidence. 12. Acknowledge the sources of the evidence. 13. Conclusion. These steps outline a journey ( a voyage of discovery) you can undertake while conducting an historical investigation. These steps are only a guide and other detective (researchers) may take a different approach. There are many paths to the 'truth' and 'enlightenment'. Which one are you going to going to take? Description of each stage of the historical investigation