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I. C. Willis 2016 Lost Campbelltown heritage Camden History Notes https://camdenhistorynotes.wordpress.com/2016/11/11/lost-campbelltown-heritage/

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Camden History Notes


Campbelltown and surrounding areas have lost much in the way of their local heritage. Heritage is what the community considers of value at present and is worthy of handing on to the next generation. The loss of Campbelltown's heritage is part of the story of the urban growth of the town and surrounding area. Andrew Allen has started to detail the loss of Campbelltown heritage buildings that coincided with a period of incredible urban growth the Campbelltown LGA in his history blog The History Buff. Campbelltown like other communities has gone through loss and renewal, and some are only interested in the new. Yet the need and yearning for a clear view of the past is part of the human condition where people need to honor and respect their ancestors and what did and did not achieve.