Migrant workers in the clothing industry: networking in Christian spaces



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Crinis, V. & Tran, A. Ngoc. (2017). Migrant workers in the clothing industry: networking in Christian spaces. In V. Crinis & A. Vickers (Eds.), Labour in the Clothing Industry in the Asia Pacific (pp. 80-96). Abingdon, United Kingdom: Routledge. https://www.routledge.com/Labour-in-the-Clothing-Industry-in-the-Asia-Pacific/Crinis-Vickers/p/book/9781138125704

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As noted in the introduction to this volume, global commodity chain analysis has a tendency to ignore what is actually happening on the ground in countries where clothing is assembled. There are excellent analyses of globalization and the clothing industry (Bonocich and Applebaum 2003; Bruce and Daly 2004; Hale and Willis 2005; Balir 2005; Chan 2011), and of the global commodity chains that clothing production generates (Gereffi 1994; Fereffi and Memedovic 2003). However, the latter has focused on evaluation industrial upgrading and assumes that the workers' situation will improve during the process. In recent times, less attention has been directed to the labour conditions of workers, especially of the growing army of temporary migrant workers recruited to work in export-oriented factories across Asia.

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