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M. Leiboff, 'The good old rule, the catspaw and a two-headed baby' in M. Leiboff & D. Carpi(eds), Fables of the Law: Fairy Tales in a Legal Context (2016) 187-208.


It is not hard to think of the legal fable, or fables of the law, in the realms of the metaphorical or the allusory, whose relationship with forms and conduct of law might seem decidedly fabulous. Earlier in this collection, in tracing the ways in which law might fable, I left a crumb or two behind, presaging a case which illustrates just how law fables, in which fabling and the fabular feature. I now pick up those crumbs, and bring this fabled case that is fabled and fabulous into the realm of the legal fable, to reveal law fabled and fabular, in which the law's savoir faire might just be revealed as the "faire" savoir.¹ And so to fable, and in doing so, to reveal fabulose law that is far more fabulous than might ever be imagined.



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