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Ward, R. G. (2016). Employment of Graduates of Japanese Language. National Symposium of Japanese Language Education (pp. 1-14). Australia: Monash University.


An underlying assumption behind the former Australian Federal Labor Government's 2012 Asian Century White Paper was that language skills were not only important for Australia's future engagement with its regional neighbours but would also lead to employment opportunities. Yet, little research has been undertaken into the employment of graduates with majors in languages, irrespective of the language. This paper discusses the results of an online survey on the use of their Japanese language in employment by graduates who undertook a major or a minor in Japanese language between 2008 and 2012. The results discussed here focus on the questions which addressed graduates' use of their speaking, reading and writing skills as well as the regularity and level of skills used. The results show that spoken skills are the most commonly used, followed by reading and writing skills.