Jamie's 'Others': complicating masculinity and heroism through his foils



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Phillips, J. "Jamie's 'Others': complicating masculinity and heroism through his foils." Outlander's Sassenachs: essays on gender, race, orientation and the other in the novels and television series. Ed.V. Estelle. Frankel. Jefferson, United States: McFarland & Company, Inc, 2016, 54-67. http://www.mcfarlandbooks.com/2016/06/newly-published-outlanders-sassenachs/


Jamie is a complication to models of hegemonic masculine heroism. The other male characters analyzed serve as refraction rather than opposing reflection; others, shadow versions. They all provide different lenses through which Jamie can be viewed. In the roles of Husband, Father, Friend and in his survival from the violence of Black Jack Randall, Jamie Fraser provides new ways of seeing, reading and understanding outside of traditional masculine forms and heroic archetypes.

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