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C. McKinnon 2016 Hurt 5.7.2016 This professional production of Hurt, by WhiteBox Theatre, directed by Kim Hardwick, at 505 Theatre Venue, Newtown, opened 5th July, closed 23rd July 505 Theatre Venue, Newtown, Sydney, NSW


Hurt from The Hurt Trilogy The modern world is full of new technologies, fast cars, fast foods, fast internet speeds but does our focus on the politics of the now means we lose the opportunity to set current dilemmas against more philosophical questions about what it means to be human? The Hurt Trilogy project queries whether our moral choices are important or whether we our lives are simply accidents being played out? Each of the plays examines whether, when faced with death-our own or the death of someone we love- 'truths' about our actions can be grasped? And more broadly, how shall we live and die? Hurt, the first play of the trilogy, explores the concept of moral choice. Three people- Mel, Dominic, and Alex-await news about an injured child. In seeking to come to terms with the potential loss of a young life are Dominic, Mel, and Alex able to reveal previously hidden truths? Or, do they lay blame on each other, pushing already fractious relationships into darker territory?