Reflexive encounters: fabric and form



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M. T. Kelly 2016 Reflexive encounters: fabric and form LIA Leipzig International Art Programme Germany Spinnereistr. 7 / Halle 18 / 2. OG, 04179 Leipzig, Germany 12 March, 2016 https://www.facebook.com/events/1717287465182881/


Reflexive Encounters: Fabric and Form sees four artists using diverse means and materials finding sympathies through reflecting cultural artifacts, natural phenomenon or the physical character of objects. Whether through the floral or ornamental, through experimental or more abstract constructive principles, each artist explores the fabric of society and environment by using pattern and form to aesthetic ends. Interchangeabilities between sounds, surfaces and images bind these artistic approaches fortuitously. Gabriel Zea's paintings depict images of plant life that have been distorted and then selectively refocused in order to create ordered and systematic compositions. The paintings seek to colorfully present a systematic perspective on the chaos of natural forms. Madeleine Kelly's paintings and frottages of kitchen stove-tops appear as if blueprints to everyday consumption patterns. Techtonic and constructive principles are coupled with soft supports in order to subvert relations between objects, female labor and the body. By bringing matter and form together Jahnne Pasco White has composed plains and objects layered from her quotidian surroundings. Comprised of gesture, symbols and texture the studio space has become an eco-system of old and new materials cohabiting, fusing and fracturing. Last, playful experimentation with sonic structures has led to Julia Santoli's recent percussive sculptures-a terrain of static bodies with kinetic potentialities.

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