Beyond military control (by Schweik Action)



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Rawling, A., Schofield, L., Darling, T. & Martin, B. (1996). 'Beyond military control (by Schweik Action)', in Versions of Freedom: An Anthology of Anarchism (pp. 89-94). Sydney: Visions of Freedom Collective.

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Visions of Freedom Collective


Nonviolence news report, Germany, 1920

Troops under the command of the right wing Dr. Wolfgang Kapp attempted to stage a coup d'etat-style overthrow of the new Weimar Republic government in Berlin.

From its hiding place in Stuttgart the ousted Ebert government issued instructions for citizen non-cooperation with the Kappists. Thousands of workers went on strike, newsletters were distributed, shops were shut and the public service shut down.

Under these conditions of general strike the military regime became increasingly weak until, only a short time after the beginning of the coup, its leader fled. The potential effectiveness of nonviolent resistance against military coups was thus shown.

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