Crossing oceans and cultures



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Bagnall, K. (2012). Crossing oceans and cultures. In D. Walker & A. Sobocinska (Eds.), Australia's Asia: From Yellow Peril to Asian Century (pp. 121-144). Crawley, Australia: UWA Publishing.


When the SS Menmuir steamed out of Sydney Harbour on Sunday, 22 April 1894, its passengers included three little Sydneysiders making their first voyage to sea. Vine, Ettie and Arthur Tart were heading to Hong Kong and then on to China. With them was their father, well-known tea merchant and philanthropist Quong Tart, and their mother Margaret, a native of Lancashire, England, who had arrived in Sydney in 1882. She had married Quong Tart four years later. Quong Tart had been in the colony from the age of nine and had already made two trips back to his homeland.

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