Challenging economic inequality: tactics and strategies



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Engel, S. N. and Martin, B. (2015). Challenging economic inequality: tactics and strategies. Economic and Political Weekly: a journal of current economic and political affairs, L (49), 42-48.

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Economic & Political Weekly


Economic and social inequality is a major problem, implicated in poverty, ill health and exploitation. Inequality has increased in many countries since the 1980s and it is also widely seen as unfair, yet action against it has been sporadic and often ineffective. To better understand why inequality has persisted, it is useful to look at tactics that reduce public outrage over it. These include covering up the existence and impacts of inequality, denigrating those who are less well-off, explaining the existence of inequality as natural, necessary or beneficial, using official channels to justify inequality, threatening those who challenge it and rewarding those who defend it. Each of these tactics can be countered, resulting in a set of options for those pursuing a fairer world.

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