Australia, the Asia-Pacific and the social sciences



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Mackie, V., Johnson, C. and Morris-Suzuki, T. (2015). Australia, the Asia-Pacific and the social sciences. In C. Johnson, V. Mackie and T. Morris-Suzuki (Eds.), The Social Sciences in the Asian Century (pp. 1-28). Canberra: ANU Press. http://press.anu.edu.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/ch016.pdf

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ISBN: 9781925022582


In 2013, Australia’s Abbott Liberal government announced a ‘New Colombo Plan’, which supports Australian undergraduates to visit selected Asian countries to study, research or undertake internships, mentorships and practicums. One year earlier, the Gillard Labor government had released a White Paper, Australia in the Asian Century, which emphasised the importance of developing an education system that encourages Australians to be ‘Asia-literate’ and ‘Asia-capable’. The White Paper stressed the importance of strengthening ‘research and teaching links between Australian institutions and those in the region’ (Commonwealth of Australia 2012: 16–17; Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade n.d.).

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