Cultural legal studies as law's extraversion



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Leiboff, M. (2016). Cultural legal studies as law's extraversion. In C. E. Sharp and M. Leiboff (Eds.), Cultural Legal Studies: Law's Popular Cultures and the Metamorphosis of Law (pp. 29-49). Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge.

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ISBN: 9781315755151


I start this chapter by reprising and adding to a quote from Robert Cover that has already appeared in this book. Stripped back to a form of aphorism, or principle, these remaining words look like a formula that inevitably disregards the 'sacared stories/texts' of literature and tradition that Cover avers as law. I realise that to not step into the story a little would be to frustrate, the desire to know what happened next appealing to most of us. but I have already distorted the narrative, for the aphorism does not begin Cover's tale, but sits smack in the middle. While it will take me a little while to get to my point, I will let you know now that my use of cover will not go in quite the direction that you might expect. My act of disuption is theatrical, written to perturb the comfortable experience of following through an argument that has defined contours and patterns, as form of Brechtian disruption, a form of encounter that I hope will demand a response, though it mut be through text rather than actual encounter.

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