Unignorable exteriors and unnavigable interiors



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Buchanan, I. M. (2015). Unignorable exteriors and unnavigable interiors. Aeroport Mille Plateaux (Elmgreen and Dragset : July 22 - October 18) (pp. 132-141). Seoul, Korea: Plateau, Samsung Museum of Art.

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Galerie Perrotin

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ISBN: 9788985468527


If Deleuze and Guattari's nomadic thought can be said to apply to specific places, then airports and art galleries are surely just such spaces. After all, what could be more nomadic than an airport, the gateway to anywhere in the world your desire and credit card can take you? Similarly, what could be more nomadic than an art gallery, filled as it is with examples of wild, unrestrained creativity? Yet one might also say the very opposite, because they are also highly circumscribed and gridded spaces with rigorous schedules and tight access rules. The final chapter of A Thousand Plateaus, which is in many ways its most concrete chapter, takes up precisely this problem by proposing a distinction between two different types of space: the smooth and the striated.

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