Criminalisation of alcohol-fuelled violence: one-punch laws



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Quilter, J. (2015). Criminalisation of alcohol-fuelled violence: one-punch laws. In T. Crofts and A. Loughnan (Eds.), Criminalisation and Criminal Responsibility in Australia (pp. 82-104). Australia: Oxford University Press.

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ISBN: 9780195597561


In this chapter I examine a recent development in the history of the criminalisation of fatal violence in Australia: the creation of a discrete homicide offence to address deaths that are caused in the context of a 'one-punch' assault. Until recently it was assumed that the category of assault-based killings for which a person should be held criminally responsible was covered by the various forms of murder and manslaughter that are defined in all Australian states and territories. And yet, in 2014, New South Wales ('NSW'), Queensland and Victoria followed earlier moves by Western Australia ('WA') (2008) and the Northern Territory ('NT') (2012) in enacting verious forms of assault causing death legislation.

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