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Gallagher, S. (2015). Why we are not all novelists. In P. F. Bundgaard and F. Stjernfelt (Eds.), Investigations Into the Phenomenology and the Ontology of the Work of Art: What are Artworks and How Do We Experience Them? (pp. 129-143). London: SpringerOpen.

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ISBN: 9783319140902


In this chapter I consider one of the necessary conditions for being a novelist, the ability to open up and sustain a fictional world. My approach will draw from psychopathology, phenomenology and neuroscience. Using the phenomenological concept of “multiple realities,” I argue that the novelist is in some ways like and in some ways unlike someone who experiences delusions insofar as the novelist can enter into a sustained engagement with an alternative reality. I suggest, however, that, compared with the delusional subject, the novelist has better control of the mechanisms that allow for this sustained engagement.



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