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R. Cahill 2015 Words for Pam Radical Sydney/Radical History

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Radical Sydney/Radical History


Words spoken by Rowan Cahill during the funeral service for his wife, Pamela Anne Cahill (1948-2015), Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Pam was born in Melbourne in January 1948.

She was variously my friend, partner, and wife since 1966.

The cause of her death was an unexpected and unforgiving brain aneurysm.

Pam was a remarkable person, and a teacher since 1970 in Sydney, and in the Southern Highlands of NSW, one whose skills and care and personality and modesty touched the lives of many.

For her it was not a matter of building a CV or of attaining promotion or power. She had seen too many inappropriate ‘achievers’ and ‘wielders’, and reckoned that ‘awarded’ and ‘official’ status all too often masked ineptitude and was a meaningless charade.