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Martin, B. & Pena Saint Martin, F. (2014). El mobbing en la esfera pública: el fenómeno y sus características. Organización social del trabajo en la posmodernidad: salud mental, ambientes laborales y vida cotidiana (pp. 91-114). Mexico: Prometeo Editores.

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Prometeo Editores

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ISBN: 9786078336098


In workplace studies, mobbing is a recognised phenomenon worldwide (Hoel, Cooper and Faragher, 2001; McKay et al., 2008; Oceguera, Aldrete and Ruíz, 2009; Rayner and Keashly, 2005; Seydl, 2005; and many others). It can be defined as a group systematically attacking a person's reputation for a long period of time, using negative communication as a weapon. The intention is to destroy the target's value as a reliable individual, initially causing them to lose power and prestige, with the long-term goal of achieving their dismissal, resignation or general ostracism. Our aim is to demonstrate that this kind of behaviour can also occur in the public sphere. We use a case study involving two groups with contrary perspectives on vaccination, in which one group has attempted to prevent debate on the issue, instead mobbing those with contrary views, systematically attacking their reputation over a long period of time.