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Hutto, D. D. (2014). Enriching radically enactive cognitive science. AISB 2014 - 50th Annual Convention of the AISB (pp. 1-2). United Kingdom: AISB.


The sciences of mind have taken a decisively embodied, enactive turn, exploring the possibility that thinking may occur in action and not only in the head or the brain. The embodied cognition movement, which first established itself in the early 1990s, has matured into a flourishing research program with many branches. Embodied cognition has come of age. Even traditionalists who view this program with skepticism admit embodied cognitive science is now a force to be reckoned with, one that: "is sweeping the planet" [1, p. 619] and "has become an industry" [2, p. 1]. The main driver of its growth is a continuous stream of empirical findings that provide "substantial evidence in support of the pervasive occurrence of embodied cognition" [3, p. 80]. It is now beyond serious dispute that cognition is embodied in important and surprising ways.