Global tracking systems in the Australian interstate trucking industry



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Karp, J. E. (2014). Global tracking systems in the Australian interstate trucking industry. In M. G. Michael and K. Michael (Eds.), Uberveillance and the Social Implications of Microchip Implants (pp. 226-234). Hershey: PA Information Science Reference.

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ISBN: 9781466645820


Technology, trucking, and the surveillance of workers in the workplace: helpful or a hindrance? Technological advances are produced by the creative ideas individuals: these ideas then become selling items in their own right. Do tracking devices effectively regulate traffic breaches and criminality within the trucking industry? The data colleciton was conducted in the field while the authors rode as a passenger with truck drivers on long-haul trips. The complexities of tracking systems became more apparent as the authors listened to the men and placed their narratives in a broader context for a broader audience. The results of the work indicated that the Global Positioning System (GPS) has a role in the management of the industry as a logistics tool, but that there are limitations to the technology. The drivers use the devices and also feel the oppressive oversight when managers use the data as a disciplinary tool.

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