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C. Rahman Submission to the 2015 Defence White Paper 2014 1-7 Australia. Australian Government Website http://www.defence.gov.au/Whitepaper/docs/203-Rahman.pdf

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Australian Government: Dept. Defence


This submission establishes why a capable Defence Force is needed by outlining enduring features of the nature of international politics: * It remains an arena of competition and conflict, and even is war prone * Bad things happen, including surprises and the genuinely shocking * Uncertainty abounds It also explains why the character of the current strategic environment is not permissive of assumptions of peace and prosperity, due to both global and regional challenges: * Great power competition is growing * Russia and China, in particular, are dissatisfied powers * The United States remains global strategically preponderant but the international system is under significant strain * Australia’s interests are inexorably tied to the maintenance of the existing international system built around liberal principles, and we should contribute materially to its defence * In our own region China demonstrably is the primary source of instability and threat * Our region is undeniably a maritime one, and protection of the principles underpinning the international system as applied to the sea, such as freedom of navigation, must be protected It concludes by re-stating the benefits to Australia of pursuit of a maritime strategy capable of deterring or defeating threats as far from our own shores as possible. The force structure already outlined in previous white papers is largely sound, but needs to be fully implemented if the maritime strategy is to be effective.