Regional navies and coastguards: striking a balance between "lawships" and warships



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Bateman, S. (2014). Regional navies and coastguards: striking a balance between "lawships" and warships. In G. Till & J. Chan (Eds.), Naval Modernisation in South-East Asia: Nature, Causes and Consequences (pp. 245-262). Oxford: Routledge.

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ISBN: 9780415821445


Martime security activity in the Asia-Pacific region by forces other than navies continues to grow. The pace of this development increased post-9/11 with coastguards playing an important role in countering priracy and marine terrorism. Japan in particulare has made considerable use of its coastguard for diplomatic missions abroad, including building the capacity of local countries to dea lwith piracy and for missions under the Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI). China is following the Japanese example and using its civil maritime security forces to protect its interests in the East and South China Seas. China recognises "the quite sophisticated and encouraging notion that strong coastguards might, by their versatile nature, actually serve as cushions between navies, helping to mitigate the possibility of intersate conflict in East Asia.

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