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M. T. Kelly 2010 Eye and Ear to Soothe the Savage Heart Pat Hoffie Brisbane, QLD Sothbank Parklands 2010 Tiny Little Wonderful Worlds (2010)

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Tiny Little Wonderful Worlds (2010)

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Madeleine Kelly


Tiny Little Wonderful Worlds (2010) was curated by Pat Hoffie and featured artists Zoe Porter, Abe Garcia, Dacchi Dang, Jennifer Herd, Madeleine Kelly, Gordon Hookey and Arryn Snowball.

This installation featured individual dioramas presented as a “peep show” at South Bank parklands. Based on South Bank’s new developments at a time of demolition of older aspects of the precinct, the work played on the imagination of what might unfold after the unveiling of the new developments behind the scrim surrounds erected to keep the public away.