Introduction: Inventing Schizoanalysis



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Buchanan, I. and Collins, L. (2014). Introduction: Inventing Schizoanalysis. In I. Buchanan and L. Collins (Eds.), Deleuze and the Schizoanalysis of Visual Art (pp. 1-8). London: Bloomsbury.

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ISBN: 9781472524621


What did Deleuze and Guattari actually say about art and artists? And what can one do with Deleuze and Guattari in relation to art and artists? The second question is conditioned by the first, but not determined by it. There is considerable scope for invention and reinvention in Deleuze and Guattari's thought. They never demanded slavish adherence. This book is not an exercise in trying to discern the masters' words more clearly so as to obey them more fully. But having said that, if we don't at least make the attempt to be precise in our understanding of what their arguments were, then it cannot be said that what we're doing is in any meaningful sense Deleuze-and-Guattarian. This is an old conundrum, but for us it takes on fresh urgency with this project because what we want to do is complete (or at least take further) what it is useful to see as an incomplete project, namely schizo analysis.

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