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Mackie, V. (2014). Conclusion: Reflections on the Rhythms of Internationalisation in Post-Disaster Japan. In J. Breaden, S. Steele and C. S.. Stevens (Eds.), Internationalising Japan: Discourse and Practice (pp. 195-206). London: Routledge.

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ISBN: 9780415735704


On 7 Jul 2012. a concert was held at Makuhari Messe near Tokyo. The concert was part of a growing movement against nuclear power in the wake of the triple earthquake-tsunami-nuclear disaster in northeastern Japan on 11 March 2011. The headline performers were the Japanese band Yellow Magic Orchestra and the German band Kraftwerk. Since the earliest days of Yellow Magic Orchestra. band leader Sakamoto Ryuichi has forged an international career as a performer and composer, moving between Tokyo, New York and other global cities. In recent years, he has used his public profile to argue for environmental sustainability, so that it was unsurprising that he would become associated with the anti-nuclear movement. The concert was streamed live on the internet, and could be watched from anywhere (as long as one had an internet connection). Listeners thrilled to Sakamoto's techno reworking of the phrase 'Saikado Hantai' (opposing the resuming of operations , the chant from demonstrations against the restarting of the nuclear power plants which had been shut down since the earthquake-tsunami-nuclear crisis.