Reflections on Secularisation



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Melleuish, G. C. (2012). Reflections on secularisation. In R. S. Laura, R. Buchanan and A. Chapman (Eds.), God, Freedom and Nature : [Proceedings of the Biennial Conference in Philosophy, Religion and Culture, 2008 (pp. 139-144). Sydney: Body and Soul Dynamics.


There was a recent episode of the television programme Q and A in which there was a discussion of the relationship between religion and reason. A couple of participants made the comment that logic always trumps religion, on the basis that religion is essentially based on feeling. To say that one must either support religion OR follow logic indicates not only a misunderstanding of the relationship between religion and reason but also a strange mode of thinking that chops the world up into mutually exclusive categories. If there is something called modernity, then it would seem that one of its characteristics has been this strong tendency towards a radical simplification of understanding the ways in which human beings relate to the world.

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