Maintaining good order at sea: maritime challenges and priorities in the Philippines



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M. E. Palma, 'Maintaining good order at sea: maritime challenges and priorities in the Philippines' in J. Ho & S. Bateman(ed), Maritime Challenges and Priorities in Asia: Implications for Regional Security (2012) 106-125.

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ISBN: 9780415516990


The concept of "good order at sea" has similar elements to the maritime security policy of the Philippines. Maritime security is defined under the Philippine National Marine Policy of 1994 as a "state in which the country's marine assets, maritime practices, territorial integrity, and coastal peace and order are protected, conserved, preserved and enhanced". This definition, althouh embedded in a broader marine policy that has not been amended for more than a decade, captures the thrust of the security envisioned by the Philippines in its waters. This concept of maritime security is also widely adopted and elaborated, particularly by Philippine law enforcement agencies in their policies and programmes.

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