Esquizoanálisis: Un proyecto incompleto



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Buchanan, I. M. (2012). Esquizoanálisis: Un proyecto incompleto. In G. Berti (Eds.), Félix Guattari, los ecos del pensar. Entre filosofía, arte y clínica (pp. 81-93). Barcelona, Spain: HakaBooks.

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Félix Guattari was one of the great contemporary thinkers who influenced not only many of the theoretical and practical developments of the twentieth century but also much of it. The proposed concepts and updated, how to understand the social intervention of conceiving politics and philosophy, art and the clinic, still resonate two decades after he disappeared. La vida intensa de F. Guattari, his interest in promoting new forms of subjectivity and collectivity, his way of approaching minorities, militant activity, its relationship with Jacques Lacan, his relationship with the philosopher Gilles Deleuze, the way to see the art, to integrate life and the clinic, found an unconventional way to commemorate and? desolemnizar? Precisely through a polyphony of voices, this book examines currently enriching power and transformations of his thinking in the field of philosophy, art and the clinic after his death. Original articles gathered here, become a territory multifaceted analysis of theories and praxis guattarianas under heterogeneous multiplicity of a handful of concepts, ideas, thinkers and thinkers from diverse fields, called about a name are propio. Este pdf fragments courtesy of Felix's work Guattaria. Echoes of thought.

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