The TV Crime Drama



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Turnbull, S. (2014). The TV Crime Drama. United Kingdom: Edinburgh University Press.

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ISBN: 9780748640874


What are the characteristic features of the crime drama as a television genre? What is the relationship between crime in the real world and the representation of crime on television? What are the merits of TV crime drama as a genre?

The TV Crime Drama offers a genealogical account of the television crime drama. from its origins in the popular culture of the 19th and wth century to its most recent manifestations, as a genre enjoying transnational circulation and popularity. Exploring the key features of the genre in terms offormat and style, it pays particular attention to the role of the investigators, the police, the private investigawrs and the specialists in forensic science and psychology, as well as the debates which have circulated about the role and representation of women.

Covering classic series such as The Sweeney and Dragnet as well as contemporary crime dramas including The Wire, The Killing and Luther, this book is an essential read for students and scholars in Television Studies.

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