Just in case 1: a jurisprudential anatomy of Evans v NSW



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Leiboff, M. and Thomas, M. (2014). Just in case 1: a jurisprudential anatomy of Evans v NSW. In M. Leiboff and M. Thomas (Eds.), Legal Theories: Contexts and Practices (pp. 509-527). Pyrmont, NSW, Australia: Thomson Reuters.

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ISBN: 9780455231051


Earlier in this book, in Chapter 4 to be precise, we took you through a few cases and legal principles which revealed how the courts rely on legal theory to guide them in their task of reaching a decision. In that chapter, you might remember that we talked about a case involving a group of protestors who took on the NSW government because it was attempting to limit their ability to protest during Catholic World Youth Day (WYD) in 2008.1 We will now return to that case to tease out the different theoretical angles that can be drawn upon to explain its reasoning, and to critically engage with the principles that the case holds.

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