Historicising legal theory



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Leiboff, M. (2014). Historicising legal theory. In M. Leiboff and M. Thomas (Eds.), Legal Theories: Contexts and Practices (pp. 123-142). Pyrmont, NSW, Australia: Thomson Reuters.

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ISBN: 9780455231051


This seems like another rather odd way to introduce a chapter that is supposed to be about historicising legal theory, whatever that is. Yet it is precisely everything about this chapter and its place in this book. OK, so you might think that history has something to do with legal theory and that that is something completely different. You might think that legal theory is completely different from law - if so, we clearly have some way to go in this book. In this chapter we invite you to experience a very different way into thinking legally, immersing you into the known and the unknown, in order to find out how much our non-legal worlds - our NLDBs - affect legal interpretation and legal thinking. And that is something completely different from anything you would possibly expect from a book about legal theory, even an extravert one like this.

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