Unlocking legal theory



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Leiboff, M. (2014). Unlocking legal theory. In M. Leiboff and M. Thomas (Eds.), Legal Theories: Contexts and Practices (pp. 31-62). Pyrmont, NSW, Australia: Thomson Reuters.

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ISBN: 9780455231051


In this chapter we will spend some time sketching out the legal theories that form the foundational grammar and vocabulary of the law that are explored in this book. We confine ourselves to those theories that are so long-standing that they are part and parcel of the law itself and those theories which triggered fundamental rethinks about law and the way it is understood. In a sense, these theories sit in the background, against which other legal theories are constructed and framed. But before we start looking at them, we would like you to look at something that has nothing to do with law at all. We want you to look at a series of photographs of a gate.

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