Legal theory in the age of Google



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Leiboff, M. (2014). Legal theory in the age of Google. In M. Leiboff and M. Thomas (Eds.), Legal Theories: Contexts and Practices (pp. 1-29). Pyrmont, NSW, Australia: Thomson Reuters.

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ISBN: 9780455231051


What a very strange introduction to a book on legal theory. What hautboys, dumb-shows and Google have to do with the serious topic of legal theory (conventionally known as jurisprudence) is anyone's guess. And we won't tell you either, or at least not directly. A clue, though ... what do you do with these words? Interpret them as best you can? Look them up? Do you grumble to yourself that we haven't told you what these words mean? Look up an online summary to find out what legal theory 'really' is? There won't be much real legal theory in this chapter, or at least legal theories with 'names' or 'titles', like natural law, positivism, or the American Legal Realists. They will sometimes bob up, but they probably won't make too much sense yet if you haven't already come across them. Anyway, there is plenty of time to find out about them later. But feel free to go to the Index if you like to read ahead, or if you must, google them. But be careful who you trust, who you believe ... because legal theory is not just something to be cribbed quickly. It has an altogether much more important purpose.

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