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O'Donnell, M. (2013). The end of the omosexual?. The Conversation, (08 August)

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The Conversation


In a recent speech celebrating 30 years of the Victorian AIDS Council, Adam Carr, one of its founders who went onto pursue a PhD in history, made the point that:

…not many people get to make history in their youth, and then to come back 30 years later and pass judgement on their own actions.

Indeed, some academic historians might say it is a privilege too fraught to indulge.

But many contemporary academics have come to understand that the personal can be scholarly: that we not only have little to fear in foregrounding our own experience but that we have much to gain. If Carol Hanisch’s much-quoted dictum that “the personal is political" is true, there is great value in a scholarship which is both personal and political.