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McHugh, S. A. "Radio you can read? What to make of RN’s new magazine." The Conversation .9 April (2014): 1-4.

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The Conversation


This month, ABC Radio National (RN) launched a pilot digital magazine, White Paper, which presents “the distilled wisdom of RN” in a monthly interactive offering delivered free to your tablet.

Newspapers have already adopted “convergent journalism”, the combination of different forms of journalism, with mixed results. So what can we read into RN’s latest project?

Two of the more successful iterations of convergent media put an audio expert in charge of multimedia content online: former This American Life producer Amy O’Leary at the New York Times and former BBC Radio producer Francesca Panetta at The Guardian. Panetta helped create Firestorm, winner of a Walkley Award for Multimedia, a masterful interactive mosaic reconstruction of how one Tasmanian family survived the shocking bushfires of December 2012.