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Warner, R., Gjerde, K. and Freestone, D. (2014). Regional governance for fisheries and biodiversity. In S. M. Garcia, J. Rice and A. Charles (Eds.), Governance of Marine Fisheries and Biodiversity Conservation: Interaction and Coevolution (pp. 211-224). United Kingdom: John Wiley and Sons.

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ISBN: 9781118392645


Strong and coherent regional governance is critical for tackling the increasing number and variety of threats to fisheries and biodiversity within and beyond national jurisdiction including overfishing, destructive fishing practices, marine pollution and climate change impacts. This chapter examines the existing legal and institutional framework for fisheries and biodiversity governance at the regional level including key regional organizations such as regional fisheries management organizations, regional seas organizations and non-binding regional initiatives. As well as highlighting the fragmentary nature of regional oceans governance, this analysis discloses the wide variety of approaches to and differing rates of progress in harmonizing fisheries and biodiversity conservation objectives across major oceanic regions.