The state of Al Qaida in Southeast Asia ten years After 9-11



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Dolnik, A. (2011). The state of Al Qaida in Southeast Asia ten years After 9-11. In N. Cigar and S. Kramer (Eds.), Al-Qaida after Ten Years of War: A Global Perspective of Successes, Failures, and Prospects (pp. 83-100). Quantico: Marine Corps University Press.

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ISBN: 9781481991148


This paper focuses on the activities and prospects of Al-Qaida in Southeast Asia, one of its key operational theatres. The first part is a brief overview ofAl-Qaida's activities in the region and analyzes some of the factors that made Southeast Asia an attractive operational theater for the group. The second part focuses on the Al-Qaida-linked operations in the region and also discusses the trajectory of the organizational and operational evolution of these attacks. The third part assesses the current state of the Al-Qaida threat in the region, analyzing the reasons behind successes and failures of counterterrorism efforts in Southeast Asia. The prospects for the future are assessed in the conclusion.

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