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Schofield, C. (2013). Securing the resources of the deep: dividing and governing the extended Continental Shelf. In H. Scheiber & M. Kwon (Eds.), Securing the Ocean for the Next Generation: Papers from a Law of the Sea Institute, UC Berkeley-Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology Conference, held in Seoul, May 2012 (pp. 301-326). United States: University of California, Berkeley Law.

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Berkeley Law – University of California

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ISBN: 9780615975221


Half of the world's coastal states are in the process of delineating continental shelf limits seawards of their 200 nautical mile exclusive economic zones. The paper briefly outlines this process and progress towards the finalisation of such limits. Key potential resource opportunities that may arise within the "extended continental shelf' areas are then highlighted and challenges in securing rights over these resources explored.

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